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Dreams about rivers,What is the omen?

dreaming of river

What does dreaming of a river mean?

Dreaming of a river has two meanings. On one hand, it symbolizes nourishment, creation, and the cycle of life, which represents creativity, femininity or other water-related things. Sexually, when a person feels conflicting desires and guilt, it is easy to dream of a river. On the other hand, a river in a dream may also symbolize a major obstacle that a person must overcome in order to grow and improve, or something very important in one’s life.

Dreaming of crossing a river from one bank to the other often signifies moving from one stage of life to another, or overcoming a trial, getting rid of difficulties and accomplishing self-transcendence.

Sometimes, a river can also symbolize death or the boundary between life and death.

Dreaming of babbling water usually indicates happiness.

If the river in the dream is clear and shines in the sun, it represents economic affluence and a love for entertainment.

Dreaming of muddy and dark rivers means that there may be insincere friends around, shadows in friendship and worries in love.

If there is a waterfall on the river in the dream, it indicates that your wishes will come true, your work will go smoothly, your studies will progress, and your life will be happy.

Dreaming of the river rapids suggests that you may encounter trouble and feel anxious about it.

Dreaming of falling into the river hints that you may encounter family problems. If you jump into the river, the dream reminds you to think twice and not act impulsively.

If you are swept away or drowning in the river in the dream, it means that your subconscious hopes to relieve stress through sexual activity.

If the river floods and carries you away, it is a warning to pay attention to your health. You may get sick soon, or there may be property or marital loss.

Young women dreaming of boating in the river indicates a happy life, and their future husband will be a very considerate person.

If you walk along the river in the dream, it may indicate that you are thinking or seeking answers.

Dreaming of swimming downstream indicates that everything will go smoothly, and life and career will go well without obstacles. In terms of love, if there is someone you like, you are likely to succeed if you make the first move.

Dreaming of swimming upstream indicates that you may experience a broken relationship with a friend in social interactions. Be careful when dealing with classmates or colleagues with whom you usually disagree, as someone may be plotting against you.

If you sail on a clear river in the dream and see a corpse on the riverbed, it means that you are currently happy and rich, but trouble and a gloomy atmosphere are just around the corner.

If you dive into the depths of the river in the dream, it warns you to pay attention to your physical health. You may be prone to accidents and sudden illnesses such as appendicitis, gastritis, and nephritis. Be especially cautious about excessive fatigue caused by staying up late and working overtime.

Dreaming of crossing a shallow river barefoot may indicate that your personality is about to change, such as suddenly having good patience.

Camping on the riverbed in a dream suggests that you may go out to play in the countryside recently, such as swimming or climbing mountains with close friends. However, try not to stay out overnight to avoid accidents.

dreaming about river

Dream Interpretation in Psychology

Dream interpretation:

The river represents the process of life, constantly flowing and never stopping. To dream of a river symbolizes the establishment of a family or the birth of a child. Rivers are omens of good luck, and dreaming of one means happiness and prosperity.

Psychological analysis:

If a woman dreams of a river, she may be invited back to her parent’s home. A man dreaming of a river is a sign of wealth. A farmer dreaming of a flood in the river means a good harvest. If the river in the dream is dried up, it may indicate a loss. A traveler dreaming of an ebb tide in the river may encounter obstacles on the road ahead. Dreaming of crossing a river means that everything will go smoothly, and there will be frequent good news. If a prisoner dreams of crossing a river, they may be released from prison soon. If a businessman dreams of crossing a river, it may indicate that they can turn losses into gains. If a man dreams of diving in the river, he will become healthy. If a woman dreams of diving in the river, she may give birth to a boy. Dreaming of going downstream along the water flow means that everything will go well, and there is a good chance of successful courtship.

Case analysis of dreaming of a river:

Dream description:

A young man who is about to get married dreamed of the grand Qiantang River tide. He was standing on a bridge watching the tide. He had never been to the Qiantang River nor had he seen the tide of it. However, he knew clearly in his dream that it was the Qiantang River tide, and there was a vast wave like the sea.

Dream analysis:

Dreaming of the huge Qiantang River tide indicates unexpected troubles or difficulties that may be encountered due to carelessness. It may also indicate a storm in a romantic relationship with the loved one.

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