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Dreams about Rain,What is the omen?

dreams about rain

Rainy days have always been considered as days that keep people indoors because heavy rain hinders people’s itinerary.

What does it mean to dream of rain?

In dreams, rain represents obstacles and barriers.

Dreaming of heavy rain means that you will encounter obstacles in your career.

Dreaming of a storm with strong winds and rain means that your work will have good income.

Dreaming of an upcoming storm, it is a good sign that good luck will follow.

If a woman dreams of a storm, her family will face difficulties.

If a pregnant woman dreams of rain, it represents that they will have a baby girl.

Dreaming of heavy rain for farmers is an auspicious sign and will lead to a bountiful harvest.

If a businessman dreams of rain, it is a sign that their business will suffer losses.

If a patient dreams of rain, they will have to stay in bed.

If a tourist dreams of rain, it will lead to a successful completion of their travel.

Rainwater represents your love fortune. Adversity will lead to good things and a turnaround in your luck.

Continuous rain represents that your current lover is genuine and you can have a rest assured relationship.

Dream Interpretation from Psychology:

Dream interpretation of rain is simple, it represents tears and emotional release. You may have been very frustrated before and had no outlet to express your emotions in real life. In dreams, rain often signals that your emotions are being released.Dream of Rain

Psychological Analysis:

In a woman’s dream, it implies the possibility of achieving broad-based outcomes. Everyone should make good use of the generous benefits that rain brings.

Spiritual Symbolism:

As rain comes from the sky, it symbolizes the blessings and enlightenment of the gods.

Case analysis of dreaming of rain:

Dream Description: Ms. Fang dreamed of a vast open plain after the rain. There was green grass standing and lying on the clear rainwater. The grass was very tender and lush, beautifully resembling a picture. In the dream, she was still hesitating where to go because the whole grassland was submerged in water and her shoes were wet.

Dream Interpretation: After the rain, it clears up. It symbolizes a satisfactory outcome. The troubles and pains that the dreamer has faced will have results soon. Everything unpleasant will have a satisfactory solution. Clear water represents strong vitality and a calm and energetic restoration. The lush green grass symbolizes a state of leisurely beauty and natural protection. The dreamer hesitates to go where, indicating that they need to make a decision. They must get rid of the feeling of confusion. The road taken here represents the path of life. Water also symbolizes emotions. Dreams where there is water everywhere may represent that one cannot avoid facing emotional challenges in life. Overall, this is a good dream.

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