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Dreams about airports,What is the omen?

Dreams about airports

So what does dreaming of an airport mean?

Dreaming of waiting for a plane at the airport means you are eager to escape from your current environment and pursue your own ideals. It also indicates a turning point in life and the possibility of new plans.

If there are many planes parked inside the airport, it suggests that you have many plans that have not been executed. If you don’t know which flight to take, it means you haven’t made a decision about your direction.

If you dream of sending someone off at the airport, it indicates that your dreams have moved away from you, and you may even have thoughts of giving up.

Dreaming of being busy at the airport waiting for a flight implies your desire to escape from the current environment and pursue your own ideals. It also suggests that you may start a new journey or have new plans.

If you dream of many planes parked on the apron, it indicates that perhaps you have too many thoughts that make you a little overwhelmed and do not know where to start, or do not know how to decide your direction.

If you dream of hurrying to catch a flight at the airport, or going through security checks and other scenes, it is a reenactment of the pressure of work in the past or recent past. Perhaps you were a busy “airborne person” in the past, rushing around airports to make a living, always worried about missing flights or flight delays, which still makes you a little scared today.

If you dream of losing your plane ticket or luggage, missing your flight, or finding that the airport language is not understood or the currency is incorrect, it suggests that there is too much pressure in real life, making you feel anxious, inner turmoil, or frustration.

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