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Dreaming of Worms,What is the meaning?

Dreaming of worms

In dreams, worms symbolize death and decay. The appearance of worms suggests the existence of unwanted enemies or insidious intruders who may steal the love of your loved one away from you.

So what does dreaming of a  mean?

Dreaming of worms may also mean encountering financial crises.

If worms are seen wriggling in a corpse in a dream, it symbolizes the continuity of life after death.

For young women, dreaming of worms crawling on them suggests a desire for material gain.

Throwing away or killing worms in a dream suggests that the dreamer may question their own materialistic desires and turn to seek moral and spiritual fulfillment.

Using worms as bait in a dream suggests that the dreamer may cleverly manipulate opponents to serve themselves.

Dream Interpretation in Psychology

Dream Interpretation: The basic meaning of worms is a symbol of the penis. Depending on your gender and view of sex, worms can be seen as threatening.

Psychoanalysis: The appearance of worms in a dream expresses your feelings of uselessness or meaninglessness. If the worm is bigger than a person, it reflects your sense of inferiority. If the dreamer sees the material excreted by earthworms after they gnaw on soil, this is related to transformation. It indicates that you can change your life and benefit from it.

Spiritual Symbolism: Dreaming of worms is a metaphor for death. You should be prepared for changes on a spiritual level in the near future.

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