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Dreaming of window,What is the omen?

Dreaming of window

The window in the dream also symbolizes the connection with the outside world, reflecting the state of interaction with the external world.

Dreaming of opening a window symbolizes the acceptance of new ideas and information.

What does it mean to dream of a window?

For women, dreaming of opening a window may also indicate a subconscious desire for sexual love. If you push open the window and see a charming starry sky, it means that you still have idealistic yearnings for love and do not yet have the courage to experience sex firsthand.

Dreaming of a thief breaking into the window indicates that you have strong sexual impulses, but in life, you are hindered by reason and morality.

For men, dreaming of a window may also imply sexual desires, in which case the window symbolizes the female genitalia. If a man dreams of entering through a window, it indicates his desire for sex.

Dreaming of closing a window means that you will bear the consequences of being abandoned by others. If you dream of a broken window, it indicates that you will fall into a cycle of constantly doubting the loyalty of the person you love.

Dreaming of sitting by the window indicates that your foolish behavior will backfire.

Dreaming of entering a house through a window means that when you use improper means to achieve noble or hidden purposes, your actions will be exposed.

Dreaming of escaping through a window suggests that you will be greatly troubled because you are unable to escape from a laborious way of life.

Dreaming of strange objects appearing in the window indicates that you will encounter a second failure in your career, as if others have changed their perception of you, making you depressed and uncertain about your health.

Dreaming of repairing or replacing a window is a good omen, indicating that your dreams will come true.

Dreaming of an open window suggests that the influence of enemies will strengthen.

For businessmen, dreaming of a closed window indicates that business will suffer losses.

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