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Dreaming of werewolves,What is the omne?

dream about werewolves

Werewolves are a special kind of creature in Western folklore. They appear as ordinary humans during normal times, but transform into werewolves on the night of the full moon. Werewolves are often seen as symbols of ferocity and curses, representing resentment and power. In dreams, werewolves often symbolize determination or fear.

So, what does it mean to dream about werewolves?

Dreaming of oneself transforming into a werewolf and being rejected by people suggests that one’s friends will gradually distance themselves from them.

Dreaming of someone they know turning into a werewolf and chasing them indicates that they may fall ill in the near future.

Dreaming of being killed by a werewolf signifies that one will become a victim of others’ power, but remain ignorant of it.

Dreaming of killing a werewolf suggests that one will face consequences for their extreme actions.

Dreaming of oneself and people around them all turning into werewolves indicates that one has the potential to become a standout figure in the business world.

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