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Dreaming of volcano,What is the omen?

Dreaming of volcano

Dreaming of a volcanic eruption, or a volcano in the process of erupting, warns you that you may lose control and experience a “big explosion” in your emotions. This dream indicates that you are deeply worried about a certain situation in your life or a certain emotion. This dream warns you not to ignore this potential danger and to take timely defensive measures. Otherwise, the situation or emotion you are worried about may suddenly appear in a painful way.

What does it mean to dream of a volcano?

If you can clearly feel the explosive power of the volcano in the dream, it expresses your uncontrollable anger towards this situation.

If you feel the flowing lava in the dream, it represents a situation or emotion that is out of control and difficult to manage. If you see solidified lava in the dream, it indicates that the passion has cooled down.

Dreaming of a smoking volcano indicates that you may have recently encountered a passionate sexual encounter in your love life, but this dream is a reminder that it may be very dangerous and it is best to exercise caution.

Dreaming of a dormant volcano or an extinct volcano indicates that past painful events have subsided, but there is still potential danger. Be careful if you encounter similar situations in the future.

Dreaming of a volcano extinguishing is often related to a state of exhaustion. It may indicate that a long-standing situation that has been bothering you is finally coming to an end. It may also indicate that you have finally locked away all of your passion.

For a young woman, dreaming of a volcano suggests that her selfishness and greed will lead her on an adventurous journey in life.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation: Volcanoes are rich symbols with deep meanings. If the volcano is extinguished, it indicates that you have “killed” your own passion, or it may suggest that a long-standing situation that has been bothering you has finally come to an end.

Psychological analysis: The eruption of a volcano indicates that you have not controlled a situation or your own emotions, and that both will suddenly appear in a painful way. If the lava appears in a prominent position, it indicates that the mentioned emotions are very deep. If the lava solidifies, it represents the cooling of passion. If you feel the explosive power of the volcano, it indicates a feeling of anger.

Symbolism: On a spiritual level, volcanoes symbolize repressed passion that can erupt in a shocking way from time to time.

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