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Dreaming of trains,What is the omen?

Dreaming of trains

What does dreaming of a train mean?

Dreaming of a train with fixed schedules and running on tracks usually symbolizes smooth planning or following through with plans.

Dreaming of a train speeding forward indicates that plans will be successfully implemented.

Dreaming of a train stopped at a platform or on the tracks suggests that plans may be delayed.

Dreaming of oneself on a train and following a familiar route indicates that one is handling a certain matter in a familiar way, considering everything under control. However, this sense of “safety” is actually misleading and can cause serious consequences in case of accidents.

Dreaming of being on a luxurious and comfortable high-class train implies that one may have a strong sense of competition and enjoy being in a position of winning, which may cause friends to distance themselves and the person to feel lonely.

Dreaming of a train entering a tunnel anticipates setbacks and setbacks, or the anxiety before a major event.

Dreaming of an accident involving the train one is on in one’s dream suggests that one may be misunderstood, criticized, and one’s reputation may be damaged, causing great pressure in interpersonal relationships.

Dreaming of the train rapidly climbing uphill suggests that one may become ill and should pay attention to one’s health, especially to guard against depression as a disease, and to strive to maintain an optimistic and cheerful attitude.

Dreaming of the train being delayed suggests that one may be hesitating about the plan or may be undecided about the lover in terms of emotions.

Dreaming of the train derailing or crashing reminds one to be cautious about disasters and setbacks.

However, if one dreams of a catastrophic scene of the train derailing and people panicking, but one remains calm and can control the situation, the dream indicates that one’s heart is eager to take responsibility or feels that one’s leadership skills have not been recognized.

Case analysis of dreaming of a train:

Dream description:

I dreamed that I was riding a streamlined train, which was said to be very fast and much faster than ordinary trains. I boarded the train, entered the carriage, and the carriage was oval. After the train started running, the speed was really fast, much faster than a normal train. (27-year-old male)

Dream analysis:

The appearance of a train in the dream indicates that one hopes that the plans will be realized as soon as possible. Dreaming of a train speeding forward indicates that one’s plan will be successfully implemented. Dreaming of the train stopping means that one’s plan will be delayed.

If one dreams of a train head, it is a symbol of travel, progress, and social status.

Dreaming of a train wheel is a symbol of wishes coming true.

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