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Dreaming of pigeon,What is the omen?

Dreaming of pigeon

What does dreaming of pigeons mean?

Dreaming of pigeons symbolizes peace, harmony, and love.

Dreaming of wild pigeons indicates that you will have financial luck.

Dreaming of raising pigeons suggests that you will have a prosperous income and an increase in family members.

Dreaming of seeing many pigeons suggests that you will have true friends who will be with you through life and death.

For men, dreaming of pigeons signifies a comfortable and affluent life.

For married women, dreaming of pigeons suggests pregnancy and giving birth to a handsome and healthy boy.

If you dream of pigeons locked in a cage, it indicates that you will gain hidden wealth from someone.

Dreaming of giving pigeons to someone suggests that you will gain fame and recognition.

Dreaming of dead pigeons suggests that your finances will suffer losses.

Dreaming of a cat biting a pigeon is an inauspicious sign, indicating that you may encounter a disaster.

Dreaming of shooting a pigeon suggests that your worries will become a thing of the past.

Dreaming of flying pigeons suggests that you will encounter difficulties.

Dreaming of a dead pigeon suggests marital separation, possibly due to the death of one party or betrayal.

If you dream of a pigeon flying away from your hand, it suggests that your wife will leave you.

For gamblers, dreaming of pigeons indicates good luck and the possibility of winning a lot of money.

Dreaming of pigeons mating and building nests symbolizes world peace and the happiness of children, who will spread their gentle and loving nature to everyone.

If you hear the lonely and mournful cry of a pigeon in your dream, it indicates that you will seek help to save someone but fail to save their life. You will feel deeply saddened and disappointed by their death. This dream may also suggest the passing of an elder.

Dreaming of white pigeons suggests a bountiful harvest and great trust in loyal friends.

Dreaming of a group of white pigeons suggests peaceful and pure happiness, as well as smooth development in the future.

If a pigeon delivers a message in your dream, it implies that a distant friend will bring good news and indicates sweet and harmonious relationships with loved ones.

If the pigeons in the dream appear exhausted, it suggests that sad news will disrupt harmony and tranquility. It may also indicate a melancholic mood due to discussing an ill friend. In terms of career, it suggests a slight setback.

If a flying pigeon delivers a message that your end is near, it suggests that you or your loved ones may be afflicted with a serious illness, which will put you in financial difficulties.


Psychological Dream Interpretation:

Dream Interpretation: Birds in dreams symbolize fantasies, thoughts, and ideas that can only be expressed in a free and unrestricted manner. Even in pre-Christian times, birds and flying have fascinated people. Birds were believed to be messengers of the soul, possessing magical and divine powers.

Psychological Analysis: Birds in dreams express the need to attribute human characteristics to objects and creatures other than oneself. A caged bird may symbolize limitations and wisdom. A free-flying bird represents yearning and desires, and may also represent a soaring spiritual consciousness. A particularly beautiful bird feather symbolizes your appearance and how you perceive yourself. A flock of birds without direction reflects confusion in observing the physical or material aspects in contrast to spiritual demands. Sometimes, birds can represent the feminine presence and freedom. The golden bird and fire have similar symbolic meanings, representing spiritual yearning. A bird soaring high in the sky symbolizes spiritual awareness or the part of you that seeks knowledge. In men’s dreams, birds represent the animalistic side, while in women’s dreams, birds represent the spiritual self.

Doves represent tranquility and are symbols of peace after a storm. They also symbolize the soul and reflect the gentle side of human nature in dreams.

Spiritual Symbolism: On a spiritual level, birds in dreams represent the human soul.

Case Analysis of Dreaming of Doves

Dream Example 1:
Dream Description: In this world, there should be no one who doesn’t like doves, because they symbolize peace and tranquility. I often dream of doves as well. In my dream, I was standing on a green grassland, with many doves flying around me. I felt extremely happy. (Female, 32 years old)

Dream Analysis: Dreaming of doves symbolizes peace and warmth. Dreaming of doves signifies a happy family, harmonious marriage, and successful children. Dreaming of a flock of doves suggests a sudden trip or the arrival of a friend from afar. Dreaming of doves building nests implies peace, tranquility, warmth, and happiness.

Dream Example 2:
Dream Description: Xiao Cao dreamed of drawing a white dove with crayons and chalk on a large piece of paper for the person she likes. The white dove spread its wings and flew gracefully above the sea.

Dream Analysis: Dreaming of drawing a white dove on a piece of paper for someone you like represents the dreamer’s anticipation for the future and idealization of beautiful things. Being able to draw for someone you like is a romantic and joyful experience, indicating that the dreamer’s wishes will soon come true. Angels can fly because they have a light-hearted attitude towards life, and the dreamer should be the same. After waking up from the dream, the dreamer should keep the illusion in mind and face life with a more positive attitude, which will bring happiness and joy in the future.

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