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Dreaming of Mice,What is the omen?

Dreaming of Mice

Dreaming of a group of mice symbolizes a reluctance to let go. The character of indecisiveness becomes especially apparent. Opportunities that you easily gave up in the past may come back to you these days, and past romantic prospects may also present themselves again. However, before attempting to regain what you lost, carefully consider the purity of your intentions. You may be driven by a selfish desire not to lose, and even if you do succeed, you may not cherish what you regain.

What does dreaming of a group of mice mean?

If you dream of a group of mice, you may find it difficult to communicate and be understood by others today, and you may face numerous shortcomings in expressing yourself. This frustration is inevitable, but a patient explanation can help you avoid damage to your relationships. Generally speaking, this is not a good day to engage in negotiations or public speaking. However, as the night approaches, your luck tends to improve, so you should remain patient.

If you dream of a group of mice running around and feel disgusted, it indicates that your possessive tendencies in love are too strong, which may make your partner want to escape. If the mice come out of a hole, it represents an unclean desire for intimacy.

If you dream of killing mice, it suggests that you are sharp-witted and can quickly detect your enemies’ plots. If the mice are caught by a cat in your dream, it means your financial luck is good, and you may win prizes such as lottery or drawing. If the prize is small, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

If you dream of being bitten by a mouse (on your body or clothes), it implies that you may make some mistakes in your work or face crises. Yet, you can still find good solutions or plan your strategy soon to avoid potential problems.

Dreaming of mice symbolizes disruptions, diseases, conflicts or betrayals. If there are numerous mice in your dream, it may indicate that there will be quarrels at home, possibly leading to physical confrontations.

For women, dreaming of mice suggests that someone is plotting against them. If the mice run into your clothes, it indicates that you may become involved in a scandal.

If you dream of catching a mouse, it suggests that you will befriend someone who is dishonest.

For men, dreaming of a mouse biting themselves implies that disasters will be avoided.

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