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Dreaming of lizard,What is the omen?

dreaming of lizard

What does it mean to dream of a lizard?

Dreaming of a lizard suggests that enemies are attacking you.

For men, dreaming of a lizard may indicate that your property is being targeted by malicious individuals, so you should be cautious and watch out for enemies.

For women, dreaming of a lizard signifies the need to pay attention to your health and hygiene, as it may suggest the possibility of gynecological issues.

Dreaming of a dead lizard is considered a positive sign, indicating that your troubles and difficulties will soon become a thing of the past.

If you dream of killing a lizard and it continues to crawl on your body, it symbolizes a recovery of health and physical strength.

Dreaming of killing a lizard on your own signifies regaining lost reputation or wealth.

If a lizard successfully escapes in your dream, it suggests that you may encounter troubles and torment in love or career.

Stepping on a lizard or having a lizard fall on you from a high place in your dream implies that you or your family may face disasters or misfortune.

For women, if a lizard crawls onto her skirt or scratches her, it indicates that she may experience unhappiness and sadness. Her husband may become a target of illness, and there is a possibility that she may become a widow, living alone in this world without financial support.

Dreaming of a lizard crawling suggests that you may make mistakes in your actions. It could be something like mixing up the days of the week and carrying the wrong textbooks or accidentally adding salt to your coffee. These errors are likely to be caused by negligence.

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