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Dreaming of jewelry,what is the omen?

Dreaming of jewelry

Dreaming of jewelry has different interpretations based on the type. Dreaming of general jewelry symbolizes women and sons. Countless treasures symbolize the Quran, knowledge, and praising the words of Allah.

What does it mean to dream of jewelry?

Dreaming of wearing a precious gemstone necklace represents someone who is familiar with and understands the Quran. It can also symbolize shouldering a great responsibility and being highly respected.

Dreaming of a necklace that is not obtained or not worn symbolizes having knowledge but lacking good character.

Dreaming of wearing earrings is a sign of knowledge or imparting knowledge. For women, dreaming of wearing earrings symbolizes their husband or son. Spitting out pearls in a dream is a sign of good speech or teaching, or it can be interpreted as praising and reciting the Quran.

Dreaming of eating pearls or holding pearls in the mouth represents someone who keeps the words of Allah (the Quran) hidden in their heart and pretends to be ignorant in front of others. It can also be interpreted as a sign of self-learning and benefiting from one’s own studies.

Dreaming of scattering pearls on the road, on a dung heap, or on the street indicates imparting knowledge and wisdom to those who should not receive it.

Dreaming of a gold or silver necklace adorned with pearls symbolizes taking on obligations. It is also said that dreaming of countless pearls symbolizes hidden valuable wealth.

Dreaming of stringing beads represents risk-free wealth. Some say it represents useless talk and knowledge. Dreaming of a few pierced beads symbolizes servants and maids.

Dreaming of decorations typically used by men symbolizes the dreamer’s personality based on their value.

Dreaming of obtaining a decorated belt symbolizes a huge fortune and high status. It can also indicate obtaining a position of authority. For middle-aged people, dreaming of obtaining a belt adorned with pearls is a sign of becoming rich or having noble children. Dreaming of having several belts tied around the waist is considered a good dream. Dreaming of a belt breaking, falling off, or being damaged is a sign of encountering misfortune.

Dreaming of wearing a crown on the head symbolizes being a sovereign ruler rather than future glory. If the dream includes a crown made of gold or silver and adorned with jewels, it symbolizes great wealth. However, it can also symbolize abandoning religious teachings.

For unmarried women, dreaming of wearing a crown on the head indicates marrying a foreign dignitary.

Dreaming of wearing a collar or necklace signifies being entrusted with a certain task.

For men, dreaming of wearing a ring symbolizes power and immense wealth. Dreaming of a ring being lost indicates a change in power and wealth. If someone else gifts a ring in the dream, it carries the same interpretation. The specific situation in the dream may indicate it represents a spouse, children, or livestock.

For authoritative figures, dreaming of wearing a ring represents the realization of ambitions and long-held desires. For others, the interpretation will depend on their specific circumstances and the benefits they receive based on their status.

Dreaming of losing a ring signifies losing power.

Dreaming of a stolen or damaged ring signifies misfortune in power and wealth. The planned endeavors will face unexpected difficulties.

Dreaming of a ring adorned with gemstones is the best interpretation. Dreaming of a ring being destroyed while the gemstones remain signifies losing power and wealth but maintaining a long-lasting reputation.

For men, dreaming of wearing women’s accessories is not a good omen. For example, dreaming of wearing a bracelet symbolizes hardship and misfortune. Dreaming of wearing ankle bracelets signifies misfortune, fear, and even the possibility of being arrested. Dreaming of wearing armlets signifies financial difficulties or disputes with sisters or friends. Apart from ankle bracelets, all other dreams of wearing accessories are considered auspicious and positive omens.

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