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Dreaming of Flying: What is the omen?

Dreaming of Flying

Dreams of flying are usually associated with success, confidence, love, escapism, and health. The meaning of dreaming of flying has real-life effects and reflects the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

Omen of Dreaming of Flying

Dreaming of flying indicates a positive and optimistic outlook on life. It suggests that the dreamer is full of energy, has a happy spirit, and has the courage to pursue positive progress, good interpersonal relationships, the confidence and ability to overcome difficulties, and the potential for recognition.

Dreaming of oneself flying predicts promotion or receiving substantial profits in business.

Dreaming of flying towards the starry sky foretells the dreamer moving onto a new level.

If the dreamer is soaring like a bird in the sky, overlooking the ground, it indicates a sense of achievement and inner pride. However, the dream also cautions the dreamer not to be too conceited or ambitious, as it is easy to fall from a high place.

If the dreamer struggles to fly, it implies that reality doesn’t necessarily fulfill the dreamer’s desire but due to high expectations, the dream may not be achievable. This dream cautions the dreamer not to have unrealistic expectations.

If the dreamer feels they can only fly to a certain height, the dream suggests that the dreamer has the potential to succeed, but their ability and level of skill have limitations.

If the dreamer falls suddenly during the flying experience, it suggests that the dreamer’s aspirations have been shattered, causing significant emotional damage that could affect their future life path.

On the other hand, dreaming of flying can also symbolize romantic love, bringing enchanting sensations.

For instance, dreaming of flying like a bird in the forest suggests that love is developing rapidly, with incredible progress forthcoming.

Young couples in love dreaming of flying together to the sky foretell blissful love and successful marriage.

A woman dreaming of flying with a stranger suggests the possibility of leaving a husband or a child falling sick.

However, if the dreamer feels extremely nervous or anxious during the flying experience, it implies a desire to escape reality.

For example, dreaming of flying like a bird while sensing a hunter’s gun is pointed at the dreamer can be frightening and anxious. This dream reflects the escape mechanism helping the dreamer to avoid reality that causes pain, trouble, and hurt.

Moreover, regularly dreaming of flying suggests the likelihood of feeling physically unwell, with symptoms such as dizziness, tinnitus, or high blood pressure. This type of dreaming may indicate a potential underlying health problem, and the dreamer should seek medical advice.

Understanding The Fly Dreams

Understanding The Fly Dreams

Dreaming of flying represents a position of elevation. It indicates an elevation in position and status, successful exam results, and job promotions.

When a woman dreams of flying with a stranger, it signifies that she will leave her husband for someone more successful. In a love relationship, dreaming of flying together suggests a high probability of successful love.

Dreaming of flying suggests an increase in physical strength and the capacity for mental confidence, which represents the dreamer’s ability to overcome every obstacle and resistance in real life. The ability to make friends will increase, with greater attention and recognition. The dreamer is likely to start a new job or succeed in achieving desired job promotion.

Dreaming of flying towards the starry sky suggests a positive journey towards a new phase of life. Falling through the air during a flying dream indicates the dreamer’s aspirations fail, causing emotional damage that affects future life.

In summary, dreaming of flying reflects the dreamer’s aspirations, hopes, and ambitions. Flying dreams can warn against overconfidence, suggest promotion or success, and indicate romantic love.

Dreaming of Flying – Case Analysis

Dreaming of Flying

Dream example 1:

Dream Description:

I often dream of flying freely in the sky, quickly flying from one place to another. Sometimes, I suddenly fall from the sky and I’m afraid, but I don’t get hurt when I hit the ground. (Female, 33 years old)

Dream Analysis:

Dreams of flying represent emotional issues. Dreaming of flying freely in the sky suggests that your marriage life may not be as happy as it seems. There may be some misunderstandings or friction between you and your partner in your family life. If you dream of suddenly falling from the sky while flying, it indicates that you have some concerns at the moment. Handle this matter carefully to avoid trouble later. If you dream of flying from one city to another, be cautious of love scammers and their sweet words to avoid being deceived.

Dream example 2:

Dream Description:

A high school student often dreams of flying – jumping up and reaching great heights, then falling slowly down and being able to perform many actions in the air. Sometimes, he jumps to the top of the building – he is very happy in his dreams – it’s always dark outside, there are street lamps, and it feels like he is at the intersection downstairs in his community.

Dream Analysis:

Many people dream of flying, and it is a common dream among youth because they more imaginative. Flying represents the collective unconsciousness of human beings, as it is the desire of humans to escape gravitational pull and body weight and has the ability to transcend. Generally speaking, as people grow up, their sense of reality increases, and their dreams of flying gradually change: from freely flying with arms as a child to light footed jumps or flying like an immortal in their youth, and to heavy and solid steps in middle age. However, every individual is different, and some people can still dream of flying in their middle age. This usually indicates a lack of sense of reality, but those who are carefree and have no financial or personal concerns are also prone to dreaming of flying. Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that “dreaming of flying indicates strong qi and thinking ability in the upper half of the body.” Sometimes, people who are recovering from lung disease or are too full after dinner also dream of flying.

Jumping high and flying far represent self-development and a person’s inner desire to overcome obstacles in reality. In this dream, the focus of the dreamer’s narrative is “playing at the intersection downstairs and jumping to the top of the building,” indicating the obstacles and issues the dreamer is facing. Jumping at the intersection means that the dreamer uses non-traditional methods to overcome and escape when facing choices. In this dream, the dreamer not only flies, but also jumps a height that ordinary people cannot reach. It suggests that the dreamer wants to achieve something surprising to impress his loved ones, and his imagination has extraordinary power. However, he is embarrassed to tell the people around him directly, so he only jumps at night and in his own community.

Flying signifies great ambition and is also a part of a person’s character. The dreamer is a person with lofty goals, hoping to become strong and powerful with a firm will. However, as he is still very young, he may not have made enough preparations for success, so the symbol of his ideal – flying – is hidden and only appears in the dark night of his dreams. This is because deep down, the dreamer still has some doubts about his own dreams, and is not yet ready to accept and face them. Dreaming of this scenario frequently is actually a reminder of the subconscious mind, constantly encouraging the dreamer. Such dreams are rare driving forces for personal growth in life, and the dreamer will continue to work hard under the guidance of these dreams and ultimately achieve his life goals. Considering that the dreamer is a high school student, it is not difficult to see that this dream is a herald of the upcoming college entrance examination – the dreamer will triumph in his exams.

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