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Dreaming of Fish,What is the meaning?

Dreaming of fish

Dreaming of fish swimming in clear water symbolizes that you will gain wealth and power, or it may indicate that your current situation and mood are good, and you may also have unexpected income or a promotion.

So what does dreaming of fish mean?

Dreaming of a group of fish swimming suggests that you will have good financial luck recently and it might be a good idea to invest in business, you may get a return on investment.

Dreaming of heavy rain indicates that your reputation will increase, and you may gain recognition and respect for your kind acts.

Dreaming of fish struggling in shallow water represents that your work progress is difficult and you might be demoted.

A man dreaming of fishing predicts that he may encounter a great danger.

A woman dreaming of fishing predicts that she will have a wealthy husband and live a happy life.

Dreaming of live fish suggests that you might go on a trip to the sea.

Dreaming of dead fish indicates disappointment, frustration, setbacks, difficult career, hungry and starving life.

Dreaming of releasing a dying fish back into the water and revive it suggests that you hope to get a suitable position by your own abilities and have pursuit in your career.

Dreaming of buying fish suggests that you might inherit an estate or receive a gift.

Dreaming of crossing water and catching fish predicts that you will get the wealth you want by your own ability and bravery.

Dreaming of someone giving you fish suggests that you will receive property or an invitation to participate in a wedding. If they give you dried fish, it means that you will have a surplus in your life.

Dreaming of fishing usually indicates the ability to resist temptation. If you dream of fishing by the river, it may also remind you that your interpersonal relationship may encounter setbacks.

Dreaming of fishing in clear water and seeing the fish biting indicates that you will get what you want.

Dreaming of catching a big fish represents good luck, everything will go smoothly, women may marry into a wealthy family and those who seek official positions or wealth may achieve their goals.

Dreaming of grabbing a goldfish implies that you may experience unexpected things, such as suddenly meeting an old friend on the street.

Dreaming of catching fish suggests that you will succeed, and the bigger the fish you catch, the more success you will achieve.

Dreaming of fish eating rice means that there might be a flood or obstacles to farm work.

Dreaming of fish in a well indicates that you will become rich or gain unexpected income.

Dreaming of eating fish indicates a temporary low in your love fortune, but also suggests that you will have a healthy and happy life.

Dreaming of a woman seeing fish swimming in water suggests that her actions will be restricted by her husband.

Dreaming of fish suggests that a young woman will marry a handsome and talented husband.

Dreaming of fish leaping from the water surface indicates that you will have a lot of publicity lately, it is a good time to increase your popularity.

Dreaming of stealing someone else’s fish or finding fish is a bad omen, it implies that your health will deteriorate. Therefore, you should pay attention to any physical discomfort and seek timely treatment to avoid regrets.

Dreaming of small fish giving birth is a good omen, indicating that you may receive unexpected income.

Dreaming of a dead fish coming back to life suggests that you will be able to turn the tables around and revitalize from the predicament, even if you are seriously ill, you may create a recovery miracle.

dreaming about fish

Psychological interpretation of dreaming about fish

Dream interpretation: When we interpret dreams, we first judge whether the fish represents wealth, and the next step is to judge what kind of wealth the fish represents based on the fish’s appearance, type, where the fish is located, etc. Sometimes fish does not necessarily represent tangible money and matter, but intangible spiritual wealth. People often overlook another solution of “fish”, which can also mean “opportunity”.

Psychological analysis: dreaming of fish, the satisfaction of physical needs is usually expressed in the form of fish in dreams, while raw fish means misfortune.

Spiritual symbol: Fish symbolizes spiritual nourishment and wealth at this level.

A case study of dreaming about fish

【Dream Example 1】

Dream description: Many people say that dreaming of fish is good, and fish represents wealth. I don’t know if it is right or not. However, I often dream about fish. That time I dreamed that I came to a big pond, the water was very clear, and there were many fish swimming freely in the water. (female, 29 years old)

Dream analysis: Dreaming of fish is a very auspicious dream and a symbol of wealth and power. To dream of fish swimming in clear water indicates that you will gain wealth and power. To dream of fish jumping in the water indicates that your career is very smooth and your wealth is constantly increasing. To dream of riding a fish and swimming freely in the water indicates that the body will become healthier day by day.

If you dream of fish jumping in the water, it is a good omen. But if you dream of a fish jumping out of the water and falling to the ground, it is a warning that you should think twice before acting in the world. To dream of a fish jumping out of the water and falling to the ground and then returning to the water indicates that you can overcome difficulties and achieve success.

【Dream Example 2】

Dream description: A businessman dreamed that one night he was beside a green rice field, his mother was in the rice field, and beside the field was a large lake that looked like a pond. His mother told him to release the water, and he reluctantly opened the gate, a lot of water flowed through, and several young men were swimming there. He took the fishing rod and went fishing. The first rod was a carp, and he put the fish in the bucket. Later, those boys ran over to play with the bait in the water, and suddenly a big hole appeared on the water surface near the bait, the ground also subsided, and the water flowed away from that hole. At this time, his mother told him to close the gate, and he went to close the gate very unhappy. At this time, the businessman suddenly woke up.

Dream analysis: The green rice fields mean a stable life. The mother represents a part of the dreamer’s personality. A large lake like a pond means that there are many institutions with a lot of money. The mother told the dreamer to release the water, and the dreamer was unwilling to open the gate, which meant that the dreamer did not want to use those resources. A lot of water has flowed past, which means that the dreamer has used and spent a lot of these resources. A few boys swimming there means that other people are also using these funds, but they do not do it in the same way as the dreamer. The dreamer took a fishing rod to go fishing and caught a few, which means that the dreamer used those resources to gain a little for himself. Those boys come to play with the bait in the dreamer’s water, which means that it will affect the dreamer’s harvest. A big pit appeared, and the ground subsided, and the water flowed away from that pit, which meant that some assets of the dreamer were lost somewhere. The mother told the dreamer to close the gate, and the dreamer went to close the gate very unhappy. The failure to find the gate meant that the dreamer asked himself not to waste those resources, but the dreamer was not very willing.

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