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Dreaming of angels,what is the omen?

Dreaming of angels

What does it mean to dream of angels?

Usually, when evil or guilty individuals dream of angels, it signifies their desire to repent and change their ways; for kind-hearted individuals, it represents spiritual comfort. Additionally, when there is a shift in our spiritual realm, we may dream of angels, symbolizing that light will triumph over darkness and our noble side will overcome negative thoughts and desires.

Dreaming of angels when experiencing intense grief, such as the loss of a loved one, also represents self-comfort.

Seeing angels in the distance in a dream may warn you to stop engaging in certain wrongdoings or sins, as they could lead to disaster and punishment.

Dreaming of conversing with angels may indicate death, illness, or being trapped in a difficult situation.

For unmarried women, dreaming of angels suggests marrying into a wealthy family. Pregnant women dreaming of angels signifies extraordinary achievements for their future children.

If angels in your dream give you a warning, it implies that you may encounter challenges in your relationships or finances.

Psychological dream interpretation:

Dreaming of angels that wave their arms and fly around represents your search for the image of your parents, hoping for unconditional love and support. It also means you should pay attention to developing these qualities and characteristics within yourself. It is possible that religious images have found a way into your life.

Psychological analysis:

The relationship with your mother and the mother figure needs to be observed and distinguished. Seeing angels in a dream is the personification of this relationship.

Spiritual symbolism:

Dreaming of angels symbolizes the openness of the dreamer’s spirit. Additionally, angels also symbolize the power and clarity of heavenly beings.

Case analysis of dreaming of angels:

Dream description: I dreamt of a lively and adorable little angel coming to me. The little angel was dressed in white, with two white wings, a round smiling face, and big eyes. I dreamt that I was playing with the little angel and felt extremely happy. (Female, 17 years old)

Dream analysis: The cute and pure little angel symbolizes purity and nobility. The presence of the little angel in your dream indicates your desire for purity and a compassionate nature. Generally, kindness and compassion are qualities associated with mothers, so angels can also be seen as a symbol of a mother. Dreaming of angels also suggests a fear of death.

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