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Dreaming of an earthquake, What is the omen?


What does dreaming of an earthquake mean?

Dreaming of an earthquake signifies that there will be significant changes in your environment or family. For example, your mother may suddenly fall ill or pass away, or your father’s company may go bankrupt, causing a loss of their previous economic status. However, within these changes, there is still potential for new opportunities. Through persistent and unwavering effort, these changes may bring about some benefits.

If you dream of observing an earthquake for an extended period of time, it suggests that your career or business will improve. For most people, dreaming of an earthquake signifies finding the center of their life, enabling them to embark on their journey with determination and fearlessness.

For scholars or experts, dreaming of an earthquake suggests that their academic achievements will become world-renowned.

Dreaming of an earthquake can also symbolize repression. It may represent deeply suppressed desires, passions, or an intense longing for a release of desires. Alternatively, it may reflect the suppression of a hidden wish. You may be aware of the danger that this desire poses in consuming or destroying your life, thus diligently restraining it with reason. It can also indicate a creative force that you are unable to unleash.

If you witness or feel the effects of an earthquake within the dream, it suggests that conflicts and wars between nations will lead to failures in your career and bring about numerous misfortunes.

Psychology Interpreting Dreams

Dream Interpretation: Dreaming of an earthquake signifies that you are aware of inner restlessness. Before overcoming these anxieties, you need to analyze them carefully. There are profound internal changes and developments in your life, which may manifest as intense shaking in your dreams.

Psychological Analysis: The collapse of old thoughts, beliefs, and relationships requires your attention and corresponding changes.

Symbolic Meaning: From this perspective, dreaming of an earthquake represents significant inner unrest.

Case Analysis of Dreaming of an Earthquake

Dream Description: The dream I had about the earthquake was so terrifying. It felt like I was sleeping, and suddenly I heard someone shouting, “There’s an earthquake!” I quickly put on my clothes and tried to run outside, but for some reason, my legs wouldn’t listen to me. I panicked and woke up suddenly. (Male, 27 years old)

Dream Analysis: Dreaming of an earthquake represents difficulties and pressure. Dreaming of an earthquake suggests that you are currently experiencing high work pressure and heavy mental burdens. You may constantly worry about the lack of success in your career or the lack of progress in your work. However, dreaming of an earthquake simply indicates that there are challenges that need to be overcome. With hard work and persistent effort, you can achieve satisfactory results.

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