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Death dreams, What is the omen?

death dreams

Death is a tranquil and stable state, and is a very auspicious omen. So what does it mean to dream about death?

So what does dreaming of death mean?

Dreaming about one’s own or someone else’s death is a sign of increased longevity. Dreaming of a known person’s death indicates that the person is losing vitality and becoming rigid. Dreaming of one’s own death means that one will no longer worry about life, and that one’s body is healthy and will live to a hundred.

It also suggests that you will start a new life or enter a new phase in your life. Dreaming of one’s own death also indicates that property will increase and everything will go smoothly.

Dreaming of a friend who is still alive dying means that you will have good fortune in finance. If you dream of a deceased family member, it indicates that the deceased family member will be healthy and long-lived in the dream.

Dreaming of a stranger’s death indicates that there will be a turning point in your career or business, and prosperity and wealth will follow. Dreaming of a lover’s death means that the lover will find a stable life, marry you, and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Dreaming of an enemy’s death means that you will have an established and steady life and will gain some broad-minded and loyal friends.

Dreaming of a king passing away means that national leaders will confer a high honor on you. Dreaming of one’s own mount or other animal dying indicates that there will be an economic loss.

Dreaming of a dog’s death means that a loyal friend or assistant will leave this world. Dreaming of an elder’s death is auspicious.

Psychological Dream Interpretation:

In traditional dream interpretation, dreams involving death are seen as a sign that someone will be born soon or that the living conditions of you or those around you will change. Death has always been associated with intense fear, so it also symbolizes unprecedented misfortune. Death in dreams can also represent challenges that you must accept. Through such dreams, you are required to discover and accept another path of life. Only when you have the courage to start from scratch can a new beginning be possible. If you dream of your own death, it means you are studying your feelings towards death. You may be avoiding or separating your soul from your body when facing the challenges of life.


You have seen the opportunities you failed to seize and know that it is now too late. Death in dreams symbolizes important stages in life that have ended, such as childhood, career, and so on, indicating the beginning of a new stage.

Spiritual Symbolism:

At the spiritual level, death in dreams represents the unseen parts of life, the all-knowing, spiritual rebirth, resurrection, and readjustment.

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